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Brimer, Sadie Lane ~ Clinical Instructor for ADN Program
Edwardson, Kasey ~ Adjunct Instructor - Health Sciences
Lero, Tyler ~ MHPC MLT Program Hematology & Coagulation Instructor
O'Neal, Stacey M. ~ Coordinator of PN Program
Pangburn, Rachel Dawn ~ Adjunct Behvioral Health Science Instructor
Back to Top Academic Affairs Office Back to Top
Crist, Matthew L. ~ Professor - Dean of Academic Affairs
Hying, Tina Marie ~ Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs
    Associate of Applied Science
    Main Building, Room 150 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11397

Wilson, Katelyn Ann ~ Director of Academic Services
Back to Top Access and ADA Services Back to Top
Azdell, Beth Elaine ~ Specialist, Access & ADA Services
Donald, Stacy Loree ~ Director of Access & ADA Services
Mosley, Kris ~ Coordinator of Access & ADA Services
Back to Top Accounting Back to Top
Epperly, Donna M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Accounting
Rockett, Morgan ~ Professor - Accounting
    Master of Accountancy
    - Online
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H40 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11209

Back to Top Activity Center Back to Top
Burke, Patrick J. ~ Activity Center Director
    Bachelor of Arts
    Activity Center Room 210 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11505

Gilbert, Bruce W. ~ Activity Center Sound Booth Operator
Neeb, Sidney ~ Assistant Director Activity Center
Smith, Monroe,, III ~ Activity Center Custodian
Back to Top Adult Education and Literacy Back to Top
Carr, Judith Irene ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
    Bachelor of Science in Education
    Main Building, Room 042 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11297

Davis, Delores A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Dunn, Tom ~ Adult Education & Literacy Coordinator
Ellington, Shannon A ~ AEL Advocate
Falby, Benjamin V. ~ Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Gaston, Roxane Marie ~ Adult Education & Literacy Instructor
Hannaford, Jane E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Harlan, Megan Nicole ~ AEL Support Specialist
Hinson, Shannon G. ~ Director - Adult Education & Literacy Program
Johnston, Julie Ann ~ Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Kampeter, Jennifer Leigh ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy Test Proctor
McBride, Ginger R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Mericle, Janice E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Miller, Amy M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Mustain, Dinise ~ AEL Testing Coordinator
Nolan, Deanna R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy Test Proctor
Nolan, Joyce L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Noll, Karlie Nichole ~ AEL Secretary for Instruction
Patrick, Sherri Lydia ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Samm, Renee Jean ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Smith, James Howard,, Jr ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Smith, Kalon Ryne ~ AEL Advocate
Utterback, Joseph Daniel ~ Adjunct Instructor - Adult Education & Literacy
Wright, Toni Rae ~ Adult Education & Literacy
Back to Top Advanced Manufacturing Technology Back to Top
Bears, Matthew ~ Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Back to Top Agriculture Back to Top
Ess, Daniel ~ Instructor - Agriculture Instructor
Back to Top Art Back to Top
Leach, Felicia N. ~ Associate Professor - Art
Moore, Fergus Padraic ~ Adjunct Instructor - Art
Shanks, Patti A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Art
Williams, Darrell ~ Adjunct Instructor - Art
Williams, Sarah Jean ~ Adjunct Instructor - Art
Back to Top Athletics Back to Top
Bauer, Matthew Anthony ~ Head Softball Coach & Student Affairs Recruiter
Fletcher, Christopher A ~ Head Baseball Coach/Student Affairs Recruiter
Garrett, Regina Dawn ~ Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/Dorm Supervisor
Haden, Hana LeAnn ~ Head Women's Basketball Coach
    Bachelor of Science
    Activity Center, Room 111 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11570

Levett, Camden A. ~ Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Lindsey, Rashad Cordell_Henry ~ Assistant Men's Basketball Coach/Dorm Supervisor
Smith, Patrick O. ~ Head Men's Basketball Coach and Athletic Director
    Master of Science
    Activity Center Room 121 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11551

Ward, Timothy ~ Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
    Master of Education
    MOBC, Activity Center, Room 122 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11552

Back to Top Biological Science Back to Top
Botch, Paul Steven ~ Assistant Professor - Biological Science
Bowdish, Todd I ~ Instructor - Biological Science
Brockmeier, Bradford C. ~ Associate Professor - Biological Science
Chitwood, Kimberly E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Sciences
Dube, Debbie A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Sciences
Hollenbeck, Allison Christine ~ Assistant Professor - Biological Sciences
Johnson, Scott Andrew ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Lehmidi, Tareq ~ Biological Science Instructor
Lorio, Julio C. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Sciences
McClay, Rebecca Lynn ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Mendez, Sara ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Science
Mileski, Michael E ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Reustle, Lindsay A. ~ Associate Professor - Biological Science
Scanavino, Michelle M. ~ Professor - Biological Science
Schlosser, Ann ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Sciences
Spiess, Jennifer E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Science
Stuart, Kelsey D ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Science
Stuart, Parker E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Suchland, John C. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Science
Walker, Lisa H. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Science
Waters-Earhart, Beth Helen ~ Adjunct Instructor - Biological Science
Back to Top Business Back to Top
Coke, Justin Wiley ~ WDTE-Adjunct Business/Economics Instructor
Groes, Candace ~ Adjunct Instructor - Business
Keene, Anthony E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Business
King, William Herschel ~ Instructor - Economics
Phillips, Stephanie A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Business/Economics
Stewart, Ernest W. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Business
Back to Top Business Office Back to Top
Bishop, Tiffany Hope ~ Accounts Receivable Specialist
Garnett, Heather Renee ~ Accounts Payable Specialist
Gilbert, Shauna Danielle ~ Accounts Receivable Specialist
Neal, Jocelyn Annette ~ Senior Accounts Payable Specialist
Skubic, Jamie E ~ Assistant Director of Business Services
Stein, Azalee ~ Accounts Receivable Specialist
Witt, Heather N ~ Director of Business Services
    Master - Business Administration
    Main Building Room 137 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11273

Wunderlich, Sheri ~ Accounts Receivable Specialist
Back to Top Business Office Administration Back to Top
Jermyn, Deborah A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Business & Office Technology
Koffarnus, Patricia L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Business & Office Technology
Ward, Elizabeth S. ~ Associate Professor - Business Office Administration
Back to Top Campus Security Back to Top
Algeo, James ~ Security Officer
Bruner, Lori L. ~ Director of Security & Residential Life
    Bachelor of Science
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H12 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11247

Dean, Dennis A ~ Security
Evans, Michael J. ~ Security
Gilbert, Eddie A. ~ Part-time Security
Helton, Bryan T. ~ Security
Holland, Darren ~ Part-time Security
Hollmann, William H. ~ Part-time Security
Huntsman, Mark Allan ~ Security - McCormick Commons & Residential Center
Lucas, Gary L. ~ Part-time Security
Robetor, Robert A. ~ Security - McCormick Commons & Residential Center
Smith, Conda Sue ~ Security
Spears, Joe ~ Security
Stuck, Tom ~ Traffic Control/Security Officer
    Associate of Arts
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H12 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11561

Back to Top Central Processing Back to Top
Blakey, Larry G. ~ Courier
Davis, Mike ~ Central Processing Specialist
Glydewell, Davena Renee ~ Central Processing Specialist
Taylor, Kerry L. ~ Courier
Back to Top Computer Services Back to Top
Baum, Nicole Renee ~ Coordinator of Computer Services & Resources/Advisor
Bishop, Jeremy Scot ~ Computer Services Technician
Bushong, Brandon D ~ Computer Services Technician
Gentner, Lisa S ~ Data Reporting Specialist
    Associate Applied Science
    Main Building, Room 131 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11444

Hawkinson, Dalton James ~ Computer Services Technician
Kalinowski, David Roger ~ Computer Services Technician
Kasmann, Scott ~ Coordinator of Computer Services
Kelly, Joe ~ Director of Technical Systems Support
Lowery, Heather J ~ Computer Services HelpDesk/Programmer/Analyst
Meador, Donald L. ~ Coordinator of Computer Services
Parks, Christopher G ~ Server and Security Administrator
Sigsworth, Russell D. ~ Director of Administrative Computing
Wasley, Matthew James ~ Programmer/Data Analyst
Wideman, Robert L ~ Chief Information Officer
Back to Top Dual Credit Instructor Back to Top
English, Staci R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Back to Top Early Childhood Education Back to Top
Beringer, Jessica ~ Early Childhood - Curriculum Coach
Cooper, Catherine Allison ~ Instructor - Early Childhood Education
Flowers, Samantha L ~ BCCSF Grant Specialist
Gebhardt, Jayde Frances ~ Secretary, Early Childhood Education
Huang, Tracy ~ Associate Professor - Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Program
    Master of Arts
    Career Center, Room C04 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11284
    Room B26 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12153

Lewis, Carla Jo ~ Adjunct Instructor - Early Childhood Education
Robison, Janet K. ~ BCCSF Quality Childcare Initiative Grant Coordinator
Back to Top Economics Back to Top
Dijak, Justin David ~ WDTE - Adjunct Economics Instructor
King, William Herschel ~ Instructor - Economics
    Master of Arts in Teaching
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall, Room H38 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11207

Trevathan, Emily Jean ~ Adjunct Instructor - Economics, Yoga
Back to Top Education Back to Top
Cassady, Saturn Marie ~ Adjunct Instructor - Education
Fowler, Artie M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Health & Hygiene/Education
Simmerman, Kayla Suzanne ~ Adjunct Instructor - Education
Vessar, Patricia L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Education & Speech
Walker, Nichole Karen ~ Adjunct Instructor - Education
Williams, Robert L.,,II ~ Professor - Teacher Education Program Coordinator
    Master of Arts
    Main Building Room 253 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11630
    Room 222 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12156

Back to Top Emergency Medical Technician Back to Top
Joiner, Clay A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Emergency Med Tech
Kelly, Laurette Marie ~ Adjunct Instructor - Emergency Med Tech
Back to Top Finance Back to Top
Downing, Ashley Nicole ~ Bookkeeper
Major, Lisa Lynn ~ Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance
    Associate of Arts
    Main Building, Room 134 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11246

Spencer, Susan J. ~ Vice President for Finance
Ward, Danny R. ~ Director of Accounting Services
    Bachelor of Science
    Main Building Room 135 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11280

Back to Top Financial Aid Back to Top
Hager, Amy M ~ Director of Financial Aid
    Bachelor of Science
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H11 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11237

Hall, Ann ~ Financial Aid Specialist
Harms, Renee Louise ~ Financial Aid Specialist, Level 1
    Bachelor of Science
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H11 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11298

Haynes, Jennifer Brook ~ Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Laughlin, Jenny ~ Default Prevention Specialist
Moore, Levi Christian ~ Financial Aid Specialist
Peavler, Katherine N. ~ Financial Aid Coordinator
Riles, Kenzie Shae ~ Financial Aid Specialist
Shively, Denise Renee ~ Financial Aid Specialist
Townsend, Emma Marie ~ Financial Aid Specialist
Webb, Peggy S. ~ Financial Aid Specialist
    Bachelor of Science
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H11 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11296

Back to Top Fire Acadamy Program Back to Top
Albert, George E ~ Adjunct Instructor - Fire Academy
Brake, Anthony A ~ Adjunct Instructor - Fire Academy
East, Stan M. ~ Fire Academy
Jaeger, Shane ~ Adjunct Instructor - Fire Academy
Riefesel, Dane C. ~ Fire Academy Instructor
Skjeveland, Jeffery J. ~ Fire Academy
Truesdell, Seth ~ Adjunct Instructor - Fire Academy
Vaughn, Cory M. ~ Adjunct Instructor- Fire Academy
Wolverton, Charles Benjamin ~ Adjunct Instructor - Fire Academy
Back to Top Food Services Back to Top
Taylor, Teresa Lynn ~ Food Service Supervisor
Wallace, Erica Nichole ~ Food Service Worker
Wisdom, Sandy Alan ~ Food Service Worker
Back to Top Foreign Language Back to Top
Lebron, Peter S. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Foreign Language
Mendez-Flores, Carlos Abel ~ Adjunct Instructor - Foreign Language
Wooldridge, Holly J. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Foreign Language
Back to Top Greyhound Store Back to Top
Fusselman, Regina S. ~ Bookstore and Desktop Publishing Specialist
Shuler, Marsha R ~ Bookstore Coordinator
Back to Top Health Sciences Back to Top
Bickell, Maria ~ Adjunct - Clinical Maternal
Bradley, Michaela E. ~ Health Sciences Administrative Assistant
Chambers, Mark A. ~ Workforce Education/Health Science Advisor
    Masters in Strategic Leadership
    Career Center Room C06 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11288

Christy, Karen Diane ~ Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Career Center, Room C15A - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11366

Coats, Micheal R. ~ Instructor - PN Program
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Career Center, Room B112 - Mexico 573-582-0817 x13620

Davis, Karen R ~ Instructor - Instructor - Practical Nursing
    Master of Science in Nursing
    Columbia Area Career Center - Columbia 573-214-3800 x29825

Day, Tamara Marie ~ Part-time Clinical Instructor
Duemmel, Monica Sue ~ Instructor - Practical Nursing
Followwill, Connie Kay ~ Instructor - Nursing Instructor/Coordinator - AADN Program
Frey, Michelle D. ~ Associate Professor - Dean of Health Sciences
    Master of Science in Nursing
    Career Center, Room C12 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11249

Hammond, Kathryn Jo ~ AADN Instructor/Coordinator
Hilderman, Amy Michelle ~ Instructor - PN Program
Johns, Amy L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Health Sciences
Lybarger, Cheryl S. ~ Director of Health Sciences
Major, Danielle ~ Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Health Science
Raboin, Veneta J. ~ Clinical Instructor
Richards, Jordan Elliot ~ Adjunct Immunohematology in MLT Prgram Instructor
Scearce, Tammy Jo ~ Health Sciences - Clinical
Scott, Charlotte Hazel-Ann ~ Adjunct Instructor -
Stanek, Shannon J. ~ Instructor - Coordinator of Behavior Health Support Program
Back to Top History Back to Top
Bagley, Robert Lee ~ Adjunct History Instructor
Carney, William J. ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Eakin, A. Travis ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Forrest, Craig R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Kelley, Carey Lee ~ Adjunct History Instructor
Kennedy, Matthew Scott ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Ricar, Sondra Lee ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Ruhlander, Tanya L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Speak, Bradley Gale ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Terhune, Michael ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Trullinger, Terry G. ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Verser, Gilbert P. ~ Associate Professor - History
Volkman, Lucas P. ~ Professor - History
Weingartner, Andrea ~ Assistant Professor - History
Zauke, Kristine A ~ Professor - History
Back to Top Human Resources Back to Top
Kramer, Christie ~ Human Resources Support Specialist
Lukowski, Ellen Sue ~ Payroll Specialist
Parks, Ann M. ~ Director of Human Resources
    Bachelor of Science in Bus Admin
    Main Building Room 138 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11272

Back to Top Industrial Electronics and Electricity Back to Top
Carson, Samuel C ~ Adjunct Instructor - Industrial Electricity
Klote, Mike ~ Instructor - Mechatronics
Knight, Craig A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Industrial Electronics and Electricity
Back to Top Industrial Technology Back to Top
Ancell, Dusty ~ Adjunct Instructor - CNC Machining
Gibbs, Charlie D ~ Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Pape, Kevin David ~ Adjunct Instructor
Back to Top Information Technology Back to Top
Necibi, Semi ~ Professor - Information Technology
Pence, David E ~ Professor - Information Technology
    Master of Science-IT Management
    Career Center, Room C40 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11341

Read, Carl Alan ~ Adjunct Instructor - Computer Essentials
Back to Top Instructional Technology Back to Top
Bickhaus, Brandi Nicole ~ Instructional Technology Specialist
Blakely, Coltier D ~ Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
Burden, Susan Arnold ~ Professor - Director of Instructional Technology
Dollich, Joseph William_Eric ~ Instructional Technology Support Specialist
    Associate of Applied Science
    Main Building, Room 141 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11525

Fast, Tonya L. ~ Instructional Technology Specialist/Distance Advisor
Price, Lisa Ailene ~ Instructional Technology Testing Specialist
Wheeler, Rita M ~ Instructional Technology Coordinator
Wilkes, Janette ~ Instructional Technology Specialist
Back to Top LARC Back to Top
Brock, Megan ~ Part-time Library Assistant
    Associate of Arts
    Main Building, Library/Academic Resource Center - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11210

David, Meredith Catherine ~ LARC Specialist
Gosseen, Jill ~ Assistant Director of Library & Academic Resource Center (LARC)
    Bachelor of Arts
    Room 218 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11310
    Room B21 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12116

Kalinowski, Sara Ann ~ Part-Time LARC Assistant
Monnig, Donna M ~ Director of the Library/Academic Resource Center
    Master of Arts
    Main Building, Library/Academic Resource Center - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11244

Setzer, Samantha ~ Library Services Specialist
    Master of Arts
    Main Building, Library/Academic Resource Center - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11210

Back to Top Language and Literature Back to Top
Barner, Brenda L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language and Literature
Boon, Bob ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Camden, April Lynn ~ Associate Professor - Language & Literature
Carr, Stephen J. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Carvajal, Heather J. ~ Languange and Literature
Copeland, Matthew T. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Corbridge, Tyler Paul ~ Adjunct Language/Literature Instructor
Darr, Drew ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
DeVine, Linda M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Elliott, Victor F. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Field, Renee ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Fulkerson, Catherine L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Gardner, Tarasa ~ Professor - Language & Literature
Gentile, Deana F. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Hamer, Karen R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Hansen, John Peter ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Henderson Brown, Trisha Ann ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Lamb, Vanessa Susan ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Marchbanks, Beth Lewis ~ Professor - Language & Literature
Maxey-Droege, Cynthia ~ Instructor - Adjunct - Language & Literature
Montgomery, Court D. ~ Instructor - Language & Literature
Norris, Shelly ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Pascoe, Dustin C. ~ Professor - Language & Literature
Pelzel, Sherri S ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Shepard, Allen R,, Jr ~ Instructor - Language & Literature
Smith, Magi I ~ Associate Professor - Language & Literature
    Doctor of Philosophy
    Main Building Room 239 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11346

Vander Vorste, Susanna ~ Language and Literature
Wales, Rachelle Q. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Willhite, Alyssa Elaine ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Back to Top MACC - Columbia Back to Top
Abernathy, Sharon A. ~ Secretary/Receptionist
Baker, Cara L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Developmental Courses
Campbell, ShaJuanda Dionne ~ Academic Advisor
Coke, Aleesha E. ~ Director of Site Operations & Student Affairs
DeLine, Carrie Dawn ~ Director of Surgical Technology Program
Dometrorch, Jennifer Shea ~ Business Office Support/Secretary
Gould, Iain Arthur ~ International Academic Advisor
Herek, Julie ~ Mathematics Instructor
    Master of Science
    Room B29 - Columbia - Columbia/Mexico 573-234-1067 x12177

Justus, Bill ~ Associate Professor - Adjunct Instructor - Human Anatomy
Kangas, Ryan R ~ Adjunct Music Instructor
Kea, Kimberly ~ Evening Secretary/Receptionist
Killian, Tony D. ~ Director of Instructional Services
Kropf, Andrew P. ~ Resource/Business Office Specialist
Leon, Amanda Marie ~ Dual Credit Specialist & Academic Advisor
McPeak, Tiffany V. ~ Academic Advisor
Wise, Amy Louise ~ Career & Technical Education Navigator
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Room 210 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12158

Back to Top MACC - Hannibal Back to Top
Astorino, Sylvia Lynn ~ Part-time Evening Secretary
Dick, Jimmy Ray ~ Adjunct Instructor - History
Heintz, Jessica Nicole ~ Advisor/Resource Coordinator
Johnson, Wendy M. ~ Director of MACC Hannibal Higher Education Center
See, Amy L ~ Assistant Director - Hannibal
    Master - Business Administration
    Room 104 - Hannibal 573-231-0941 x14012

Snodgrass, Trina Denise ~ Administrative Assistant
Back to Top MACC - Kirksville Back to Top
Attebery, Teresa Lynn ~ Part Time Evening Secretary
Coleman, Dee Ann ~ Director - MACC Kirksville Higher Education Center
McKim, Tasha Nicole ~ Assistant Director - Kirksville
Pavey, Jeff Stewart ~ Wind Energy Tech.
Weber, Brooklyn Faith ~ Administrative Assistant - Kirksville
Back to Top MACC - Mexico Back to Top
Curtis, Rhonda L. ~ Document Imaging Coordinator/Business Office Specialist/Advisor
Groves, Caroline A. ~ Director of MACC- Mexico Higher Education Center
King, Nicole ~ Student Affairs Specialist - MACC Mexico
Staley, Walter G.,, III ~ Resource Specialist
Whitworth, Tanna Kay ~ Admin Asst - Student Affairs & Health Sciences
Wilson, Chad A. ~ Assistant Director - MACC-Mexico Higher Education Center
Back to Top Machine Tool Back to Top
Flood, Marcus Troy ~ Adjunct Instructor - Machine Tool
Fossum, Jay L ~ WDTE - Adjunct Machine Tool
Back to Top Maintenance Back to Top
Brunkhorst, Darren K ~ Custodian
Caldarevic, Suvad ~ Custodian/Maintenance
Daugherty, Mark Edward ~ HVAC Maintenance Technician
Johnstone, Sherwood E. ~ Maintenance Tech.
Newman, Duwayne Lee ~ Custodian/Maintenance
Osborn, Micheal G. ~ Custodian/Maintenance
Reddick, Darren ~ Maintenance
Sloan, Tony ~ Physical Plant Manager
Stanford, Kelly ~ Custodian/Maintenance Tech.
Tallman, Shane ~ Custodian
Willet, David Cody ~ Custodian
Woods, Brady Mitchell ~ Custodian
Back to Top Marketing/PublicRelations Back to Top
Bennett, Marlena Lee ~ Web Designer
Freeman, Susanna Jean ~ Coordinator of Institutional Development & Alumni Services
Paffrath, Kaylee ~ Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Tinker, Gavyn Scott_Edward ~ Assistant Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Back to Top Mathematics Back to Top
Allen, Judy M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Blake, Betsy ~ Adjunct Instructor - Math
Bradley, Sheila ~ Associate Professor - Mathematics
Brock, Charles D.,, III ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Burns, Robert Lester ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Caples, David ~ Assistant Professor - Mathematics
Chipman, Andrea L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Criswell, Leah ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathmatics
Duemmel, Dru Edward ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Eshebli, Ahmed Mohamed ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Fish, Andrew C. ~ Instructor - Mathematics
Fontenot, David ~ Adjunct Instructor - Math
Hardwick, Samuel John ~ Instructor - Mathematics
Hays, David G. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Math
Head, Betsy ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathmatics
Higginson, Erin Renee ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Jaafari, Maher ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Jackson, Justin Paul ~ Associate Professor - Mathematics
Kemp, Cynthia E. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Lee, Gary W. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
McCluskey, Kimberly M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Math
Murphy, Patricia S. ~ Mathematic Instructor
Rozean, John R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Mathematics
Sapp, Sara Beth ~ Professor - Mathematics
Walker, Angela W. ~ Associate Professor - Mathematics
Wiechens, Kyle J. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Online Mathematics
Back to Top Medical Laboratory Technician Back to Top
Mast, Darinda Gayle ~ MLT Operations Coordinator
Schulte, Kimberly ~ Adjunct Instructor - MLT
Thompson, Alese M ~ Associate Professor - MHPC MLT Program Executive Director and MACC Phlebotomy Program Coordinator
Back to Top Music Back to Top
Hampton, Ryan Edward ~ Instructor - Music
    Master of Music
    Main Building, Room 021 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11357
    Room B27 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12173

Ratliff, Jonean ~ Adjunct Instructor - Music
Werner, Karen E ~ Professor - Adjunct Instructor - Music
Back to Top New Traditions Back to Top
Avery, Elaine A. ~ Part-time Secretary/Career Specialist
Stuart, Sonda Rechel ~ Director of Career & Academic Planning
    Master - Business Administration
    Main, Career Center, Room C02 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11232

Back to Top Nursing - Accelerated Associate Degree Back to Top
Owen, Susan Beth ~ Instructor - Instructor/Coordinator of the Accelerated Associate Degree Nursing Program
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Career Center Room C11 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11309

Schoonover, Keely Dyan ~ Part-time Clinical Instructor
Walker, Candice R. ~ Associate Professor - AADN Coordinator
Back to Top Nursing - Associate Degree Back to Top
Atkins, Carisa ~ Associate Professor - Associate Degree Nursing
Baker, Pamela Kay ~ Part-time Clinical Instructor
Canote, Kelly Danielle ~ ADN Clinical Instructor
Caples, Robynn Marie ~ Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Career Center, Room C15A - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11921

Chinn, Jennifer S ~ Instructor - Lab Coordinator - Associate Degree Nursing
Dougherty, Shelli G. ~ Professor - Associate Degree Nursing
Heimann, Laura Ann ~ Part-time Clinical Instructor
Lloyd, Brandy Nicole ~ Instructor - ADN
    Master of Science in Nursing
    Career Center, Room C32 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11922

Maybrier, Lori Elizabeth ~ Part-time Clinical Instructor
Parker, Natasha R. ~ Part-time Clinical Instructor
Back to Top Nursing - Practical Back to Top
Bichsel, Terry L. ~ Professor - Coordinator of Practical Nursing Program
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Career Center Room C12 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11251

Blackford, Anna Ruth ~ Associate Professor - Practical Nursing
Kiefer, Julie A. ~ Coordinator - Practical Nursing Program
    Master of Science in Nursing
    Columbia Area Career Center - Columbia 573-214-3800 x29801

Sullivan, Denesia E. ~ Assistant Professor - Practical Nursing
Back to Top Philosophy Back to Top
Bleyer, Christina M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy/Religion
Dawson, Clanton C.W.,, Jr ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Hartle, Anne ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Hirth, Kerry Mulvania ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Hunsaker, Terry Lee ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Imler, Henry Michael ~ Assistant Professor - Philosophy
Price, Carmen ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Sullivan, Aaron ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Thrower, Joseph M. ~ Instructor - Philosophy
Thrower, Josh ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Wilburn, Heather D. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Back to Top Physical Science Back to Top
Birt, Julie A. ~ Adjunct Instructor- Physical Science
Blackaby, Becky Lee ~ Professor - Physical Science
Bongard, Jonathon Thomas ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Sciences
Cole, Patricia Lee ~ Associate Professor - Physical Science
Craig, Ted W. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Science
Johnson, Hal ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Science
Jones, Adam Christopher ~ Adjunct Physical Science Instructor
McDowell, Travis Rae ~ Instructor - Physical Science
Neubauer, Ann L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Science
Newsom, Michael ~ Physical Science Instructor
Petrovic, Woodrow ~ Associate Professor - Physical Science
    Master of Science in Physics
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H27 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11916
    Room B17 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12152

Ruzhitskaya, Lanika Y. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Science
Salter, Frank ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Science
Zumsteg, Cathy L. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Physical Science
Back to Top Plant Operations Back to Top
Blakey, Betty I. ~ Part Time Administrative Support Specialist
Fox, Darrin Michael ~ Assistant Director of Plant Operations
    Associate of Arts
    Main Building, Room 136 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11230

Kribbs, Michelle ~ Administrative Assistant to the Director of Plant Operations
Ross, Eric Michael ~ Director of Plant Operations
    Master - Business Administration
    Main Building Room 136 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11258

Back to Top Political Science Back to Top
Briscoe, Andrew W. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Political Science
McVicker, Maryellen H. ~ Adjunct Instructor - History/Art
Back to Top President's Office Back to Top
Dixon, DyJon A. ~ Research Specialist
    Master of Arts
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H37 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11201

Holleran, Meghan ~ Director of Institutional Reporting & Compliance
Kelley, Kennette ~ Administrative Assistant President's Office
Lashley, Jeffery C. ~ President
    Doctor of Philosophy
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall Room H31 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11213

Richardson, Tamera Delone ~ Executive Assistant to the President
Back to Top Psychology Back to Top
Allen, Becky ~ Associate Professor - Psychology
Barker, James ~ Adjunct Instructor - Teacher Education
Binkley, Ginger ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Collins, Michele ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
David, Jessica Lynn ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Derboven, Debbie ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Douglass, Misty D. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Fischer, Jackie M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Garnett, Courtney Dawn ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Hartman, Janice K. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Heimann, Stephanie A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Huber, Tara M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Owens, Andrea ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Sells, Tami ~ Assistant Professor - Psychology
    PhD - Human Dev/Family Studies
    Room 211 - Columbia 573-234-1067 x12176
    Room 113 - Mexico 573-582-0817 x13670

Vandall, Benjamin ~ Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Weseloh, Shane B. ~ Instructor - Psychology
Back to Top Sociology Back to Top
Crist, Matthew L. ~ Professor - Dean of Academic Affairs
Dittmer, LilliAnn ~ Adjunct Instructor - Sociology
Ghosh, Parijat ~ Sociology
Glendening, Theresa M. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Sociology
Isby, Ashley ~ Sociology
Lawrence, Joshua Dean ~ Adjunct Instructor - Sociology
Perkins, David B. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Sociology
Polk, James T. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Sociology
Reed-Lohmeyer, Peggy ~ Adjunct Instructor- Sociology
Underwood, Barbie ~ Associate Professor - Sociology
Back to Top Speech Back to Top
Echternach, Timothy R. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Hitzel, Zoe Estelle ~ Adjunct Instructor- Speech
Jacobs, Theodore ~ Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Mossman, Karen A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Radtke, Glenn O. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Public Speaking
Sack, Tamara Ann ~ Adjunct Instructor - Language & Literature
Semler, Brandon Joseph ~ Adjunct Instructor - Public Speaking
Sorg, Tyler Allan ~ Ajunct Public Speaking
Warner, Shawna Jean ~ Adjunct Instructor - Public Speaking
Back to Top Student Affairs Back to Top
Crist, Shannon M. ~ Director of Dual Credit, Recruitment & Special Events
Davison, Deborah S. ~ Administrative Assistant of Student Affairs
Dowlin-Greene, Candace P. ~ Advisor
Dwyer, Mary E. ~ Assistant Registrar
Erwin, Kimberly M. ~ Support Services Coordinator
Forrest, Jessica E ~ Records Specialist
Harrison, Heather Renee ~ Admissions Specialist
McCall, Michele L. ~ Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Miller, Katie Lynn ~ Academic Advisor/Recruiter
    Bachelor of Arts
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall, Room H12 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11324

Ostermann, Ann ~ Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Perkins, Julie A. ~ Registrar
Riley, Joyce F. ~ Administrative Support Specialist
Smith, Sandy J ~ Secretary to the Registrar
    Associate of Arts
    Andrew Komar Jr. Hall, Room H12 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11328

Back to Top Theatre Arts Back to Top
Fine, Connie F. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Theatre Arts & Speech
Back to Top Vice President for Instruction Back to Top
Martin, Todd C. ~ Vice President for Instruction
    Doctorate of Philosophy
    Main Building, Room 134 - Moberly 660-263-4100 x11264

Back to Top Welding Back to Top
Magruder, Charles A. ~ Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Back to Top Workforce Development & Technical Ed Back to Top
Gilliam, Stephanie ~ Director of Veterinary Technology Program
McConnell, Diane Dolores ~ DVM - Vet. Tech. Faculty
McGarvey, Suzanne A. ~ Dean of Workforce Development & Technical Education
Meyer, Cindy J ~ Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Workforce Development &Technical Education
Meyer, Samantha J. ~ Director of Career & Technical Education
Back to Top Workforce Development Center Back to Top
Boeger, Katie Ann ~ CNA Instructor
Bohm, Jacqueline Leigh ~ Adjunct Instructor - Microsoft Office Specialist Instructor/Trainer
Coatney, Mary Ann ~ CNA Instructor
Glover, Brandi Nicole ~ Executive Director of Workforce Development Center
Hardison, Sarah E. ~ Continuing Education Coordinator
Holper, Maggie ~ Makerspace Coordinator
Sharrock, Allan W.,, Jr ~ Instructor - Part-Time Apprenticeship Coordinator
Somers, Edith T. ~ CNA Instructor
Stewart, Kelly Denise ~ Administrative Assistant
Webster, Thomas H. ~ WDC Emergency Telecommunications Instructor
Wortmann, Jane A. ~ CNA Instructor
Wright, Darlene Elizabeth ~ CNA Instructor